Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Commitment

Bancroft stands strong against racism and hate of all kinds and supports actions leading to respect, equality, fairness and peace.

We advocate for and embrace an inclusive and just world.

One world. For everyone.

Bancroft is a place where:

  • Team members are encouraged to speak up; be heard and understood.
  • Everyone is welcomed and feels a sense of belonging.
  • Each person can be their authentic self, without concern for judgement or retaliation.
  • All feel valued and respected.
  • Coworkers are treated with humanity, kindness, and respect, allowing them to feel safe and accepted.

Real Action

  • Bancroft created a strategic plan with measurable goals enabling us to make Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DE&I) part of everything we do, and to hold ourselves accountable to those values.


  • Bancroft formalized the DE&I Council, made up of team members from across the organization, to focus on initiatives that educate employees, families and help those we support.


  • Bancroft officially recognized Juneteenth as an organizational paid holiday.
  • Bancroft engaged a consultant to help us navigate our DE&I journey based on best practices.

  • Bancroft hosted Cultural & Courageous Conversations, a series of live webinars available to all team members, featuring topics such as Authentic Allyship, Living Beyond Pride Month and more.

  • Bancroft provides a resource library for teammates that includes books surrounding diversity and inclusion.

  • Bancroft established a process where team members can escalate concerns in the organization and when working with families, providing them a stronger voice in the organization. 

Real Voices

from our world.

Bancroft’s unique voices are part of what makes us so effective in caring for those we support.  We invite everyone in our world to be their authentic selves and bring with them their true talents, personalities and perspectives. 

Real Leadership

Diversity, equity and inclusion, for everyone in our world, is an absolute priority for Bancroft. I am extraordinarily proud of what we have accomplished but know there is so much more we can do. We are committed to doing the work and continuing the conversations – even when they are difficult – so  that all voices can be heard. 

Toni Pergolin
President and CEO

Real Life. Real Purpose.

We work with heart, respect and collaboration. We are communicators, listeners, problem solvers, partners and collaborators.

Bring your authentic self to our team.

A dark skinned female stands with a ligh skinned female. they are wearing face masks and black long sleeve t-shirts.

with Bancroft

The #GivingTuesday movement was created to unite us all in a day of generosity, to make a difference in the world through donations to organizations we care about at the start of the holiday season.