Josefina Nash, Master of Science

Josefina Nash

Senior Vice President Of Business Operations And Innovation
Bancroft's Senior Vice President of Business Operations and Innovation Josefina Nash's Headshot

Josefina “Fina” Nash was named Vice President of Business Operations and Innovation in 2014, overseeing digital transformation, information technology, fleet management and transportation. She joined Bancroft in 2011 as the vice president for information technology, bringing more than 15 years of progressive information-systems experience in commercial, nonprofit and government sectors to the organization.

Much of Fina’s career prior to her role at Bancroft was spent in the field of biotechnology, working as director of information systems for the Coriell Institute for Medical Research in Camden, New Jersey, and then served as director, IT operations at TAI Software, where she focused on health care, including the implementation of an electronic medical record. She earned her Master of Science degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Arts from Rutgers University. In 2014, Fina was recognized for her creative management vision, leadership philosophy, innovative strategy and undeniable work ethic at the Philadelphia SmartCEO Executive Management Awards.

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