Letter from CEO

Potential. Fulfillment. Joy. All words that can be summed up with a simple thought: HOPE. Hope that a child will reach their full potential no matter how difficult the challenge; hope that a family will enjoy a holiday together again; and hope for expert support throughout a lifetime.

There are an abundance of reasons why hope resonates throughout Bancroft.

Through inspired outcomes brought about by our dedicated staff, we have proven that we can indeed unlock the potential of each child and support each adult life life to the fullest. At Bancroft NeuroRehab, our expert clinical team helps people recover from brain injuries and reconnect with family, job and community.  Each day, I am inspired by their journeys and those of their families who share with me their struggles and triumphs.

Every person has their own distinct vision for a fulfilling life. Leading an organization that dedicates itself to helping them achieve those visions is my humble honor.

I invite you to connect with us and be a part of our world.  Explore our website, connect with our staff and engage with us on social media. We are here to help you and your loved one reach each next milestone in life.

Toni Pergolin

President and CEO

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Letter From CEO

Our Mission

Bancroft provides opportunities to children and adults with diverse challenges to maximize their potential.

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The #GivingTuesday movement was created to unite us all in a day of generosity, to make a difference in the world through donations to organizations we care about at the start of the holiday season.
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