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Employee Feature

Meet Michael Bradley, Clinical Specialist

  At 64, Michael Bradley found himself at a crossroads. The program where he was teaching had closed, and ...

Employee Feature

Employee Highlight: 30 years at Bancroft

Clair Rohrer: When a job becomes your family. [caption id="attachment_7213" align="alignnone" width="591"] Clair working at Bancroft ...


Bancroft parent reflects on high school graduation

Graduation: A bittersweet milestone for family of student with autism Tina Meade, Mother of Daniel Meade, Bancroft Class ...


JOHAN’S STORY: The Road to Graduation after a TBI

Neither Johan McHugh nor his mother remember the accident. The family was returning home from their Thanksgiving celebration ...


JENN’S STORY: Reclaiming Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury

For Jennifer Tompkins - life took an unexpected turn. It was an icy afternoon when the police walked ...


ANDY’S STORY: Getting back on your feet after brain injury

Getting back on your feet after brain injury -- no matter how long it takes to get there. ...


Lucas’s story: Discovering Joy Through Communication

Lucas Ramirez has a personality much bigger than his 7-and-a-half years. Smart as a whip with bright eyes, ...

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Triumph Over Stroke: Craig and Andrea’s Story

A Stroke Changed Their Lives - Inspires Couple to Support Advanced Stroke Technology at Bancroft NeuroRehab Craig and ...


A young man’s passion fuels independence: Hunter’s Story

At attention: A young man’s passion for the United States military becomes a building block of independence ...


From immobile to invincible: Drew’s Bancroft NeuroRehab Story

One family's triumphant journey to recovery after stroke   In 2012, Drew Herrington was a 32-year-old Project Manager for ...


US Veteran Regains Independence After Brain Injury

Gary was a Navy veteran and an avid world traveler before his severe brain injury. Meet the incredible ...

trevors story


Trevor’s Story: A World of Possibility

Trevor's family struggled with the simplest communication before they discovered The Bancroft School. Now, with the help of ...


Walter’s Story

Employee of the Month: How a fulfilling career and new confidence enabled triumph over brain and spinal cord ...


Every Child with Autism is Different

One family...Two Children, Different Paths to Success Their expression of wants and needs is different. Lexi has ...

Employee Feature

Meet Matt Roach: Senior Job Coach at Bancroft

Matt Roach is a Senior Job Coach in Bancroft’s Adult Employment Program. In the three years he’...

Employee Feature

Meet Rashida – Program Manager at Flicker

Q&A with Rashida Bundy, Program Manager at Flicker How long have you been with Bancroft? After ...

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Donor Impact

The D’Ambrosio Family: A Little Goes A Long Way

Karen and Tony D’Ambrosio have given back to Bancroft since their son Nick became a member of ...

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A Friendship More Enduring than Romance

Two individuals at Bancroft discover common interests and form lifelong bond When Bonnie Davis, 61, enrolled in Bancroft’s ...


I Just Want to Hold His Hand

Jake’s Journey to Lakeside It was October 6, 2015, and as Rommy and her husband Dominic rounded the corner ...

linda miller

Employee Feature

Linda Miller Q&A

  Linda Miller (center) with Flicker residents and staff during a Bancroft pep rally Linda Miller has been ...



From Crisis to College: Finding Hope at Bancroft

After two daughters, Michelle and Bob Walsh of Howell, N.J. were thrilled to discover their third child ...