Meet Board Chairman, Ken Ewell

“Always give more than you get.”

This is how Ken Ewell, the new Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Bancroft, views the world, and more specifically, his role in supporting the nonprofit as it navigates a sea of changes. After serving six years as a Trustee, Ewell has intent on harnessing the strengths of fellow board members and merging their powers to help propel the human and healthcare services organization forward.

As he steps into this new role, Ewell, who is President and COO of the Graham Company, explores why he is so passionate about the work Bancroft does and how he plans to channel his passion for the betterment of children and adults with diverse challenges.

Unlike others who have led the Bancroft Board, Ewell does not have a family member who has received services or care by Bancroft. While he believes that factor may help him see clearly from the organization’s perspective, he felt at a disadvantage. To gain insight into the experiences of fellow Board members and families of people served by Bancroft, he has connected with a fellow Board member with an adult son living and receiving support in a community-based group home and has since visited with the young man to gain a better understanding of the daily and lifelong struggles.

“When I was in college, I volunteered for an organization that worked with people with disabilities. It changed my life. Every person has something to give and lessons to share, and I learned so much from my experiences there,” said Ewell. ”I believe we all are born with a set of unique talents and have to find them throughout our lives.”

Ewell is humbled to be associated with the compassionate and dedicated staff that serve 2,000 people annually.

“I am blown away by such dedicated people whose sole interest is to improve the lives of others. This work is selfless, and you truly have to be a special kind of person to help others make strides here each and every day. The Bancroft staff and leadership team work daily to give people a voice, an opportunity, dignity and hope.”

As Chairman, Ewell will focus on optimizing the organization with the support and guidance of the Board.

“Change is constant in this complex space and comes fast. Even in this environment, we need to make sure we are doing the right thing, at the right time for the right reason to ensure greater sustainability and, most of all, fulfilled lives for all served by Bancroft.”


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