Lindens Center for Autism

The Lindens Center for Autism blends Bancroft’s expertise in behavioral health for children with autism and dual diagnoses in residential programs to provide more intensive therapy, support and skills development while enrolled in The Bancroft School.

Residential Programs for Children

The Lindens Center for Autism residential program provides therapeutic support for children and adolescents to reduce challenging behaviors and prepare students to return to the classroom and engage with family and community.


Lindens Neurobehavioral Program

An intensive stabilization program for children and adolescents facing severe behaviors that have interrupted family life, education, community recreation and socialization, The Lindens program utilizes evidenced-based practices to reduce the frequency, duration and intensity of problem behaviors, including self-injurious behavior, aggression, and property destruction.

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Lindens Neurobehavioral Program
ABA center of excellence

Campus Residences

Campus Residences, located on The Bancroft School Campus, are for students in need of a therapeutic residential services environment to assist in daily living skills and socialization integration. Through the residential program, Bancroft partners with families, education, vocational and community resources to prepare adolescents to thrive in more independent environments.

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Community Residences

Community residences enable students to live more independently in the supported homes based in neighborhoods throughout the community while attending The Bancroft School. Many children and youth who reside in this program have progressed from Bancroft’s Campus program, although that is not required for admission.

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community residences

Stories of Success

Bancroft is proud to share stories of some of the youth in our program who have successfully become more independent and engaging members of the community.

ABA Center of Excellence

At Bancroft, we are committed to ensure every child has the opportunity to grow and progress to their fullest potential.  Among evidence-based industry practices and proven clinical therapies. Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is effective in reducing problem behaviors in children and adults with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities. Our expert Behavior Analysts dedicate themselves to providing advanced and highly individualized care to each child, and they share the joy of seeing meaningful progress with the children we serve and their families.

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Lindens Center for Residence Campus Residences

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