Bancroft on Campus

Classes with people like me, on a campus with people like me.

Meaningful transition-focused experience for special education students ages 18 to 21

For students who are ready for a high-level of community activity and integration, Bancroft on Campus provides transition-age students the opportunity to pursue post-secondary courses and embark on more intensive vocational training to complement their desires, skills and interests.

Based on the campus of Community College, Bancroft on Campus gives students with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities the edge they need to successfully transition into adulthood.

Our Bancroft On-Campus Transition Program

Learning experiences teach and reinforce real life functional skills

  • Navigate a campus using maps, functional reading and accessing services
  • Utilize technology to access information around career and job skills
  • Increase financial skills and learn about money management
  • Locate and use an ATM independently
  • Utilize math and reading to access and research vocational and leisure interests
  • Elevate digital literacy and appropriate use of social media and applications

Vocational experiences foster independence

  • Students complete job inventory surveys with teacher and job coach
  • Apply word processing and templates to create resumes and applications
  • Job Coaches utilize the campus as a real life work/internship site
  • Students practice using transportation to access off campus employment and leisure
  • Students gain work experiences at regional businesses, including Walgreens, The Aquarium Center and the Camden County Animal Shelter among others.

Social Skills round out the program

  • All students practice accessing college services and social situations
  • Students partner with a mentor for learning and socialization
  • Learn self-awareness through practice of proper greetings
  • Manage anxiety around asking for directions or requesting an application
  • Develop productive relationships with college peers and staff to solve problems and self-advocate
  • Practice interview skills with job coach and off campus sites
  • Learn how to interact socially while working with coworkers and a boss

Admissions Criteria

Federal guidelines allow students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) to participate in school until they turn 21and transition into the world of adult services, supports and employment. Bancroft on Campus is for students 18 to 21 with intellectual, developmental and/or emotional challenges, including autism spectrum disorders, who are still enrolled in school. Students must have a current IEP. We will schedule a time to screen your student to identify the best transition program for their needs.


Bancroft On Campus is funded by each student’s school district under the Federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA). Please refer to the Parents Rights in Special Education (PRISE) manual for guidance on how to seek an appropriate out of district placement for your son or daughter. A private pay option is also available.

Bancroft on Campus

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