Snowed In? Get Creative and Avoid Cabin Fever

Tips from Jami Smith, Activities Coordinator with Bancroft’s ABA Center of Excellence


As households across our region brace for the largest winter storm we’ve experienced in a few years, many parents are in panic-mode, scrambling to stock the house with groceries and frantically making plans to occupy the kids while they hunker down. But armed with the right activities and the right attitude, families can transform chilly snow days into fun  opportunities for education, and even exercise!

Bancroft at Burlington participants and staff have fun with indoor sports activities


As an Activities Coordinator in Bancroft’s Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Center of Excellence, my job is to turn daily tasks into learning experiences for the individuals we serve. And right now, throughout Bancroft, staff is making plans to keep residents in over 200 group homes and supported apartments busy and thriving in the face of the storm.

So, parents, while you’re snowed in this weekend with the little ones, borrow some of the following creative ideas and avoid the dreaded cabin fever:

  • Host a Fashion Show

Ask the kids to dive into the back corners of their closets and resurrect old holiday outfits and outdated items. Take turns posing for photographs and ranking each look. Bonus – you’ll clean out the closets in the meantime!

  • Play Indoor Bowling

Arrange water bottles like bowling pins (they can be empty or full) and use whatever you have around the house as a “bowling ball.” Keep score and award trophies (hot cocoa or another treat) to the winner.

  • Create a Dance Club

Turn off the lights and give each child a flashlight. Turn on some favorite tunes and dance it out! It may be snowing outdoors, but your home will become the hottest club in town. And, the kids will burn all that excess energy.

  • Open a Movie Theatre

After dinner, embrace the weather and open your own home theatre. Shut off the lights and make treat bags for the kids with popcorn, pretzels, chocolate candies and other favorite treats. Allow each child to select a movie and cozy up together and enjoy the marathon!

Need more inspiration? Check out Bancroft’s additional List of In Home Activities and get those creative juices flowing this weekend.



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