Assistive Technology

Tools and Technology Solutions to Empower People to Reach their Full Potential

Innovative assistive technologies transform the lives of people with disabilities every day – much in the same way that technology is changing so many other aspects of today’s world.  Bancroft Assistive Technology associates diagnose the challenge and prescribe the most appropriate solution to introduce or improve communication, mobility and accessibility and learning devices.

This forward-thinking approach has allowed us to expand Assistive Technology (AT) services to meet the needs of people with disabilities and the demands of school districts, physicians, insurers and case managers.

Bancroft’s multidisciplinary team of special educators, speech and occupational therapists continually explore innovative methods to help children and adults learn and live in new ways.

Communication Solutions

  • Speech-generating devices
  • Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)
  • The latest mobile apps for tablets and iPads

Instructional Technologies

  • SMARTBoards
  • Individualized visual scheduling and modeling
  • Cutting-edge educational applications and materials

Environmental Access and Mobility

  • Modified wheelchairs
  • Ergonomic classroom and workstation design
  • Accessibility adaptations for offices and residences

Ongoing Assessments, Training and Support

In order to maximize each person’s progress Bancroft provides ongoing assessments. Our certified Assistive Technology Professionals will also train your entire family in the strategies and upkeep of the chosen technology. Additionally, they are available to assist with trouble-shooting and software/hardware updates and maintenance, as needed.

Transitional Technology Support

We offer all of these innovative methods for people who are aging out of the school system in to the world of adult services.

Like Trevor, many of the children and adults we serve have breakthroughs when they are given the tools they need to communicate with their family and peers both in the classroom, workplace and community.

We will guide you through each step of the process, from assessment to implementation and ongoing support, and create custom solutions for people of all ages and abilities.

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Assistive Technologies

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