Autism Awareness Month 2021: Real Me

Celebrating Autism Awareness Month
by celebrating real people

Like everyone, those living with autism have their own unique personalities and likes and dislikes. That’s why we integrate a team approach to support each person’s unique needs. As we celebrate Autism Awareness Month, we celebrate the real people we support and invite you to share the stories of the real people in your world. 

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Ways to Celebrate Autism

To raise awareness and show support for the beautiful, smart, and unique individuals living with autism, we’ve put together some helpful ways to celebrate autism with friends, family and in your community every day of the year! 

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Exploring Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy

ABA Therapy is an effective treatment for individuals with autism. The specialized treatment enables children to overcome challenging behaviors and connect with their world, and includes individualized strategies to meet each child’s unique needs.

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Benefits of a Team Approach

No two children have the exact same needs. That’s why the team approach to supporting children with autism and intellectual and developmental disabilities is so critical. At Bancroft, we see the team like a puzzle carefully designed to fit around a child.

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Cade’s Story

Cade loves his iPad — like most 16-year-olds. He is also a gentle child who enjoys time on the swings and swimming. He laughs a lot but gets nervous in new surroundings. He’s an athlete who was a proud participant in Special Olympics! Cade is a graduate of the PEEP program and is now a student at The Bancroft School.

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Finding Joy, Whatever Our Challenges

Every child deserves to live a life of happiness and fulfillment, but ‘happiness’ comes in many forms. A board-certified behavior analyst with The Bancroft School talks about ways parents and caregivers can help children of all abilities live their best lives.

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Resource Library

Here are some resources you can use to celebrate Autism Awareness Month with your friends, family and community! These resources were curated by Bancroft team member, Will Hoheisel, who is also on the Autism Spectrum and an alumnus of The Bancroft School. Will is the first face you see when you come to Bancroft’s administrative offices, and he is also a recent Corporate Service Excellence Award Winner.

Autism Resources Guide

Here are some resources you can use to celebrate Autism Awareness Month with your friends, family and community!

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Autism Friendly Places to Visit

Trying to plan a fun (and safe) day out of the house? Look no further! Check out our list of autism-friendly places to visit in and around the tri-state area that offer sensory-friendly activities and provide individuals with special needs, a safe and nurturing environment to build social skills, cultivate friendships and have fun!

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Movies, Documentaries & Shows About Autism

Whether it’s about autism or written by someone with autism, the options for movies, documentaries, TV shows & short films about autism and disabilities are endless. 

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