The D’Ambrosio Family: A Little Goes A Long Way

The D’Ambrosio Family: A Little Goes A Long Way

Karen and Tony D’Ambrosio have given back to Bancroft since their son Nick became a member of the Bancroft Family in 2004. Starting with Placement at The Lindens, Nick progressed through the continuum of programs to the campus and community residences and The Bancroft School. Today, Nick lives in a community group home with three other men and participates in day program.

In the past 11 years as Nick progressed, the D’Ambrosio’s have generously donated through monthly payroll deductions directed to Bancroft. Their generosity does not stop there, though, as they participate in annual Staff Appreciation activities in recognition of house manager Hiro Oka who has made a meaningful connection with their son.

The D’Ambrosio’s have extended their hearts as they help Nick’s housemates feel part of their extended family by decorating their home every holiday with Nick and his friends. In addition, they have extended their pocketbooks on a monthly basis through purchases of household supplies and monetary donations.

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