We Love DSPs

We are 1,900 DSPs strong at Bancroft – in group home settings, schools, supported employment and day programs – helping people with disabilities live their best lives each day.

Here are just a few team members that work in a direct care role, or started their careers at Bancroft as a DSP.



“If I had to give one piece of advice to another DSP, it would be this: Always look for the good in everyone. The people we serve are just trying to figure out how to communicate with us – and when they finally find a way to get across what they want to say, it changes everything.”


Bancroft NeuroRehab

“For the people we serve, we are advocates, providers, and family. We are a support that keeps them motivated during the rehabilitation process. And when I see the progress they make – that’s why I do what I do. At the end of our shifts, we go home to our families, our pets, the comforts of our own home. For many of the people we serve, at the end of their day, they come home to us.”



“What I love most about my job is the way they greet me when I walk in the door – they smile, they laugh, they touch my face to show they care even if they can’t communicate with words.”


Adult Services

“I love what I do because we serve a purpose and I know I make a difference. It’s given me a whole different perspective. I have four kids of my own who admire what I do – it’s made me a better person and them too.”


Children’s Services

“Everyone has a story, and I try to put myself in their shoes. I believe that everything you do in life you have to enjoy it. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like a job, I’m just enjoying time with the kids.”


Early Education

“What I love most about Bancroft is being able to make a difference every day in a child’s life. Seeing them achieve their goals is inspiring and rewarding.”


Adult Services

“Just being around the people we support…I feel like its my purpose, I’ve always loved working with people. I love helping them reach their potential”


Children’s Services

“I was an accountant for two years and the corporate culture wasn’t right for me. Here, you get to challenge yourself every day and you feel like you’re here for a reason.”


Lindens Neurobehavioral

“Working at Bancroft has not only helped me to grow in this field but its also helped me grow as an individual. Best part of my day – just being able to help them and know that you are a part of something that is so important to them – that’s so amazing to me.”


Adult Services

“I appreciate that everyone has different personalities and even when someone may be having a bad day, I love being able to help them have a good one.”

What is a Direct Support Professional?

Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are caregivers who work with people with physical or intellectual/developmental disabilities, helping them with daily activities and supporting them in integrating into the community, and achieving greater levels of independence.

But they’re so much more than that.

Working here takes special people who are caring and committed. We are always looking for people to join our team.

A little appreciation goes a long way. Is there a Bancroft DSP or team that is special to you? Honor them with a donation.

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