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Strategic Plan

Bancroft’s Strategic Plan – Changing Lives – celebrates the expansive impact and critical contributions the organization makes in meeting the distinct needs of those we serve today while opening the door to so many others.

The four components of our plan are:

  1. Significantly Grow Bancroft
  2. Inspire Clinical Excellence
  3. Transform The Employee Experience
  4. Leverage Technology 

Watch us – or join us – in changing lives.


Change Has Already Begun

Developed to marshal the expertise of our clinicians. Their insights and ideas have led to innovative programing and partnerships with institutions such as AJ Drexel Autism Institute and Jefferson Autism Center of Excellence.
Through partnerships with Pletly and Floreo, Bancroft is positioning itself to enhance care and address workforce challenges.
Secured $500,000 in funding to pilot smart homes in adult residential group homes.

Offered Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) the opportunity to obtain a national certification and increase in pay at each level. Learn More.

Launched a new BWell brand to support the physical and mental health of the Bancroft team and assist them in managing their overall well-being.
Our experts have worked with a variety of organizations, business and cultural institutions including Federal Air Marshal Training Program, Mutter Museum, Funplex, as well as hospitals, schools and inpatient and outpatient behavioral health facilities.

Bancroft’s Preschool & Early Education program expanded to a larger location in Moorestown, NJ. Learn More.

Acquired first special education school, Kohler Academy, in July 2022. Learn More.

We have partnered Cameron & Associates 8 to assist us in navigating our diversity, equity & inclusion journey to ensure that Bancroft is an equitable and inclusive workplace.

Changing Lives Components

Significantly Grow Bancroft

By significantly growing Bancroft, we will meet the increasing need for services for those living with autism.

From a kernel of an idea and a single student in 1883 to a large, vital and thriving organization, Bancroft has grown to meet the urgent need for a lifespan of services for individuals living with disabilities.

Driven to deliver on its mission, Bancroft has successfully aligned clinical excellence with financial solidity as it expands access to services for those who need them, when they need them.

Strategic and responsible growth fosters stability, resilience and sustainability. Being bigger contributes to attracting top-notch talent and championing career growth at Bancroft. It enables investment in facilities, operating systems, our workforce and person-centered technology. Being bigger enables us to broaden our impact and amplify our collective voices to change lives. 

For these reasons, investing in Growth is a key component of the Changing Lives plan.

How We'll Do It

Augment Core Services. 

We will commit to increasing core services, consistently expanding residential and programmatic capacity to meet the demand for services.

Expand Geographic Footprint.

We will introduce core services in new areas, with a focus on Philadelphia and in regions and states in which the demand for services and disability policy align. 

Fill the Gap in Autism Services.

We will develop a suite of autism services, with an emphasis on early intervention and the treatment of profound autism.

Establish the Bancroft School Network.

We will assemble a network of premier schools, providing access to appropriate education and specialized programming, creating a critical first step in changing the trajectory of lives. 

Fortify through Merger and Affiliation.

We will engage with organizations that share Bancroft’s mission to create opportunity for all parties.

Launch a Comprehensive Campaign.

We will introduce the opportunity for donors to support the Changing Lives plan and invest in the long-term sustainability of Bancroft. 

Attract Corporate and Foundation Grants.

We will strategically seek out grants and funding opportunities to support programs and services and enhance the lives of those we serve.

Diversify Giving Pathways.

We will diversify the avenues of giving with a focus on those that contribute to the sustainability and solidity of Bancroft.

Inspire clinical Excellence

By inspiring clinical excellence, we will deliver outstanding outcomes for each person we serve and contribute to universal best practices in treatment.

Excellence in clinical treatment is at the heart of what we do. Our unwavering commitment to best practices in treatment and whole-person health contributes to Bancroft’s reputation as a leader in treating autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and neurological conditions.

To further this work, we are attracting talented clinicians who seek to invigorate their field of practice through remarkable outcomes, advancement of research and program innovation.

With abundant clinical resources, a wealth of expertise and eons of experience, Bancroft is poised to extend its leadership role by teaching, training and supporting clinical excellence throughout the industry and beyond.

For these reasons, investing in Clinical Excellence is a key component of the Changing Lives plan.

How We'll Do It

Showcase Clinical Talent.

We will tout the work of Bancroft clinicians as thought leaders to enhance the organization’s reputation and to attract clinicians who are passionate about their work.

Blueprint Career Lattices.

We will create a robust variety of opportunities for
clinicians to advance their expertise and expand their careers at Bancroft.

Champion Clinical Research and
Technology Innovation.

We will develop collaborative relationships with universities, healthcare institutions, technology developers and others to advance research into the treatment and support of individuals with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities and brain injuries throughout the lifespan.

Establish a Clinical Think Tank.

We will seed the innovation and development of new services and approaches through an environment that fosters entrepreneurism, welcomes free thinking and
invites elevated problem solving.

Promote Whole-Person Health.

We will invest in a seamless care structure to address the physical, behavioral and emotional health of each person we serve to exact improved health and overall well-being.

Offer Access to Clinical Training.

We will advance clinical expertise for the benefit of the autism and IDD community through compelling training modules.

Empower the Clinical Executive Group.

We will marshal the expertise of clinical leaders across the organization to address challenging cases in partnership with healthcare professionals and providers.

Align with National Organizations.

We will partner and participate with national organizations to advance the field of ABA and the treatment of autism.

Transform The employee experience

By transforming the employee experience, we will attract and retain a dynamic workforce to provide the highest quality of care

Bancroft’s core values are embodied in the thousands of team members who provide compassionate support and expert care to those we serve. They bring their best selves to their roles every day, and their well-being is important to us.

The changing workforce landscape and expectations of employers and employees alike are the catalyst for a new approach to enhance the experience of team members and position each person to do their best work and live their best life.

Beginning with recruiting the best people to roles throughout the organization, we are committed to providing a supportive and respectful work environment, the ability to balance one’s work with one’s life, and the opportunity to blossom both professionally and personally.

For these reasons, Transforming the Employee Experience is a key component of the Changing Lives plan.

How We'll Do It

Educate to Understand.

We will regularly educate team members about diversity, equity and inclusion to support a fair and welcoming workplace for all.

Celebrate Diversity.

We will invite and champion the diversity and authenticity of our workforce by shining a light on the differences that make us stronger.

Attract a Diverse Team.

We will actively seek out and recruit diverse candidates for key roles in the organization.

Redesign the Way We Work.

We will support the physical and emotional needs of our team members by reimagining how we work and prioritizing work/life balance.

Make a Difference in Their Lives.

We will provide market-leading wages for critical roles and valued comprehensive benefits, along with services that support physical and mental health and overall well-being.

Inspire Career Growth.

We will actively facilitate professional advancement through distinct career lattices, training and education, and exploration throughout the field.

Leverage Technology

By leveraging technology, we will engage individuals we serve and our team members in dynamic ways and advance the organization’s strategic advantage.

Technology is surely changing the experience of those
we serve and our team members, with new opportunities to streamline the way we work around every corner. Adoption of technology will result in new approaches to care and clinical treatment, aligning desired outcomes with value-based models.

By integrating person-centered technology, we will facilitate skill acquisition and support independence in unimaginable ways. Technology will contribute to whole-person health and wellness, enabling care teams to make informed decisions, and easily engage with families.

Reimagining the roles of our team members through the expanded use of technology will contribute to addressing the reality of persistent workforce shortages.

Technology will enhance care and advance opportunity, enabling those we serve to live their best lives and position Bancroft to be the best it can be.

For these reasons, Technology is an essential ingredient in the Changing Lives plan.

How We'll Do It

Adopt a Technology-First Approach.

We will embrace technology as a key source of support when addressing outcomes in service planning.

Advocate for Independence.

We will seek out and introduce the use of technology to support daily living, enable the highest level of independence possible and minimize support needs.

Expand Access to Assistive Technology.

We will invest in Assistive Technology resources to enable each person to express themselves with their care team and the community.

Secure Infrastructure.

We will take action to invest in and protect the organization’s systems and infrastructure to mitigate and minimize business disruption.

Be Accessible.

We will implement ways for staff, families, payers and other stakeholders to easily access information, stay informed and participate in care decisions.

What started as a dream of one woman has become a powerful vehicle for change. 

As we celebrate Bancroft’s 140th anniversary, we take the opportunity to look back in awe at the rich legacy launched in 1883 by Margaret Bancroft while boldly planning for a sustainable future. 

Our strategic plan – Changing Lives – is a plan to activate our vision for the future. It was designed with the idea that with collective intention and aspiration, we can help those in our world and beyond. It is a catalyst for impacting those in the here and now and those in generations to come.

Bancroft will continue to find new ways to change lives and
to make an impact on the world.


Bancroft profoundly impacts children and adults living with disabilities by delivering high-quality services to empower them to realize their best life.


Bancroft sets the standard of excellence in services for people with disabilities and professionals in the field through a culture of learning, innovative treatment, and transformational research, all leading to outstanding outcomes.

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