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Bancroft Launches Autism Diagnostic Testing Service for Children

Bancroft Launches Autism Diagnostic Testing Service for Children

The service will help address the current long wait times for autism diagnostic assessments and help families get the answers they need.

(Cherry Hill, N.J.) – Bancroft, a regional leader in specialized services for individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, has launched an autism assessment and neuropsychological evaluation service in Mt. Laurel, NJ to serve the needs of children. 

Diagnostic assessments for autism are part of a new suite of autism services Bancroft has designed to meet the growing demand brought on by the increase in autism rates, long wait times for diagnosis, and access to appropriate treatment services. The goal is to provide an early diagnosis, offering the best chance of success.

“Early diagnosis is a critical tool in accessing the services children need to be successful,” states Dr. Danielle Ager, a pediatric neuropsychologist  who is leading the assessments. “We know wait times for diagnosis in this region are long. With Bancroft’s expertise in treating those with autism, we wanted to open up an avenue for caregivers to have an easier time taking this very important first step.”

Bancroft is offering expert assessments for children, leading to a formal diagnosis. Once a formal diagnosis is established, families can find appropriate care and case management services that will help their child thrive. 

Autism affects essential human behaviors such as social interaction, the ability to communicate ideas and feelings, imagination, self-regulation, and the ability to establish relationships with others. Many of those living with autism exhibit behaviors that make it challenging to engage with their loved ones and in the community. One in 44 children are diagnosed with autism and 3.5 million individuals are on the autism spectrum in the United States 

To make an appointment for an assessment, contact an Admissions Specialist at 844-234-8387, or for more information, go to the Diagnostic Assessments page




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