Toni Pergolin

Toni Pergolin

President, Chief Executive Officer
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Toni Pergolin has served as President and CEO of Bancroft for over 15 years. Under her leadership, Bancroft has expanded its services to include extensive programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, autism, and those in need of neurological rehabilitation.

Prior to joining Bancroft, she worked at the University of Pennsylvania Health System for 14 years in various positions, including Chief Financial Officer for Pennsylvania Hospital. She received her undergraduate degree in accounting from Pennsylvania State University and her master’s in health administration from Saint Joseph’s University.

Toni is actively involved in community activities and welcomes opportunities to help others with important missions. She has extensive board experience, serving on the boards of seven organizations — both public and nonprofit – over the past decade. Currently, she is Chairwoman of Peirce College Board and serves on the Boards of Fulton Bank, N.A,. and Inspira Health.

Toni is an author, with her new book Too Important to Fail: Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits, now available on Amazon. The book describes her extraordinary story of taking Bancroft from operating on the edge of bankruptcy to doubling its size and building a state-of-the-art campus for those Bancroft serves today and in the future.

Too Important to Fail: Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits

Written by Bancroft CEO Toni Pergolin, Too Important to Fail: Leadership Lessons for Nonprofits is the roadmap on how to approach, plan and execute the turnaround of a nonprofit organization to better serve and help those that rely on them for their very lives.

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