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Nationally Recognized Residential Treatment​

Bancroft Children’s Residential Program is one of the most innovative behavioral therapy and residential treatment facilities in the nation with campus and community-based residential treatment programs for children and youth with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Bancroft Raymond & Joanne Welsh Campus

Designed specifically for children and youth with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities, Bancroft’s Welsh Campus is home to both the Lindens Neurobehavioral Program, Campus Residential Treatment Program and The Bancroft School. The 80-acre campus in Mt. Laurel, NJ, offers expansive space integral to intensive residential treatment, including dedicated space for therapy, group living, recreation and play.

For many families, Bancroft is the answer.

Bancroft helps each child meet goals and achieve milestones both big and small empowering them to live their best life.

Three Distinct Levels of Residential Treatment

A female aide in a blue shirt stands beside a little girl with blonde hair, a blue shirt and artist's smock, the two of them putting paint inside a bottle.

Lindens Neurobehavioral Program

The Lindens Neurobehavioral Program is a renowned, intensive stabilization program for children and youth whose behavioral challenges are at a level of severity that they impact quality of life, family life and access to education. Employing evidence-based treatment and practices, the clinical team works to address problem behaviors to enable children to progress to a more independent setting. The Lindens Program creates an individualized treatment plan for each child through assessments performed by highly-trained clinical staff.

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Young girl sitting in her room with a blue wall and pink bedding. Toys are stacked up behind her

Campus Residences

These spacious residences are for students who need therapeutic residential treatment, help with gaining daily living skills and improving socialization and communication. Bancroft partners with families as well as education, vocational and community resources to identify each child’s goals – and prepare him or her to thrive in more independent environments.

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Community Residences

The most independent residential treatment setting, the Community program comprises single-family homes in neighborhoods near the Welsh Campus. Here, children and youth are empowered to continue building independence with the support needed to thrive. Children  attend The Bancroft School and take part in community and recreational activities. There are two levels of support in the community program.

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Why seek residential treatment for autism or I/DD?

Bancroft Residential Treatment programs provide hope for families and give children the opportunity to learn in a supportive environment surrounded by a team of caring experts. Residential treatment is often the best option when challenges associated with autism or an intellectual or developmental disability prevent a child from fully participating in family life, school or the community. 

Through treatment from clinical experts:

  • Behavior triggers will be identified and addressed
  • Daily living and social skills are developed
  • Speech therapy, occupational therapy and augmentative communication can be integrated into each child’s treatment plan
  • Behavioral and health issues are addressed in a holistic manner

Each child will benefit from decades of clinical expertise and best practices rooted in Applied Behavior Analysis, in a nurturing, home-like setting.

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