Day Programs

Supporting Individual Goals

We know that no two people are the same. Each person has unique needs and preferences — so Bancroft offers structured day and employment programs designed to help each person achieve their individual goals, whatever they may be. 

Structured day programs take place at sites throughout southern and central New Jersey and offer continued functional learning through structured activities, community inclusion, and a variety of therapeutic supports. 

Our aim is to prepare participants to develop the skills they need to succeed independently across residential, community and vocational or volunteer settings. 

An interdisciplinary clinical team carefully screens each applicant and works with them, their family and the Supports Coordinator to ensure they join a group that best meets their needs and personal goals.

A Data-Driven Approach

Programming is rooted in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis, with staff trained in ABA concepts and instructional methods, and a fully credentialed leadership and management team.

That focus on clinical excellence and continued training, and the use of data to guide personalized programming, helps ensure we are effectively teaching the right skills for each person. At every step, data is used to guide decision-making and set goals. 

Day Program staff collaborate with the residential program to ensure continuity across learning environments – so skills learned in the program can be applied in the home and community, as well.

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Program Features

A paraprofessional in a maroon shirt and a student in a striped shirt, jeans, and helmet play together and hold hands

Day Enrichment

Participants in day enrichment programs learn how to stay on task, follow directions and participate in structured activities during the day. Many of these individuals also learn how to navigate and overcome behavioral challenges. Staff support participants in learning daily living activities including personal hygiene, communication, safety, and navigating their environments at home and in the community.

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Lifelong Learning

This program continues to strengthen participants’ ability to stay on task and navigate routines and activities more independently. Lifelong Learning participants have access to increased community involvement, with a focus on safety, engagement, and teaching functional skills. Participants are closely supported by behavior analysts and others on the clinical team.  

A male student in a blue shirt and male paraprofessional in a blue shirt smiling playing with caps and bottles

Career Exploration

Participants who wish to transition into the Adult Employment Program begin that process through Career Exploration. They spend time exploring a variety of volunteer and vocation-oriented opportunities, to identify potential areas of interest. 

Staff continue to focus on building social skills, coping skills and self-management strategies. Communication and independence are also primary focuses, as key life skills and important components of any volunteer or employment work. Community involvement and volunteerism alongside Bancroft staff are an integral part of this program.

Support Services

In addition to career exploration and skill-building, participants in Bancroft’s structured day programs have access to an array of support services, allowing them to further explore interests, learn to communicate, and continue their education across the lifespan. These include:

Assistive Technology
This includes any item, piece of equipment, or product system that is used to increase, maintain or improve the functional capabilities of an individual with a disability. Assessment, customization, and training provided by a RESNA-certified Assistive Technology Professional. AT staff can provide support with activities of daily living, work routines, communication and leisure activities.

Speech Therapy
For improved communication and the treatment of dysphagia, provided by a certified speech and language pathologist. Individualized care and coordination with other members of the individuals’ Bancroft Care team to provide continuity of treatment.

Therapeutic Activities Specialists

Bancroft Adult Day Services employs a team of Therapeutic Activity Specialists (TAS) with diverse areas of expertise. The TAS team facilitates daily activities to provide opportunities for individuals to discover new interests and continue to acquire or strengthen skills to increase independence at home, work, and in the community.

Performing Arts/Music
Exploring theater, vocal music, movement and creative play. Focus on providing opportunities to increase engagement, social and leisure skills. Creating opportunities to engage in the Arts in program as well as in the community.

Experimenting with a variety of art modalities including paint, sculpture, and collage. Opportunities to express individuality and creativity. Skill building/strengthening in the following areas: following directions, increasing time on task and working independently.

Health & Wellness
Promoting a healthy lifestyle through movement and exercise. Participation in functional fitness by strengthening coordination and balance to improve quality of life activities. Including adapted games and sports activities to incorporate fun and enjoyment as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Offers practical, everyday, natural cooking skills as well as a deeper exploration into the therapeutic properties of the foods we eat and how we prepare them. Focusing on basic culinary skills such as following recipes, using kitchen equipment and functional kitchen skills (measuring, mixing, pouring).

Growing and maintaining greenhouses and gardens provides the perfect opportunity to teach foundational skills in a hands-on, functional way where participants can connect with nature. Participants visit the Saddle Hill Farm and our own gardens to plant and nurture herbs, vegetables, and flowers.

Funding for Services​

Eligibility for funding for adult services is determined by the New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS).

Once eligibility has been determined, you or the individual seeking service may choose Bancroft as the program of choice. While most of those enrolled in Bancroft programs receive state funding for all or some of the services provided, others augment services by paying for them directly.

All programs are qualified through the Division of Developmental Disabilities, as well as the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.

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Ready to Learn More?

The first step is to contact your Supports Coordinator and tell them you are interested in a Bancroft program. The Supports Coordinator can then make a referral to Bancroft.

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