Lindens Neurobehavioral

Powerful Merger of Clinical Experience and Nurturing Individualized Care

The Lindens Neurobehavioral Program is a highly effective residential treatment program for children living with severe autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities. Many of the children the Lindens’ supports also have coinciding behavioral health diagnoses and distinct medical needs. Families from across the country trust the Lindens Program to provide expert and progressive care for their child.

The Marciano family found hope for their son

Unable to communicate his thoughts and feelings, Marcello’s frustration led to years of self-injury and severe aggression toward his family. Unable to find adequate autism services in their home state, his parents turned to Bancroft’s Lindens Neurobehavioral Program where he was provided with expert care to meet his unique needs. 

The Linden’s is a nationally recognized behavioral stabilization program for children and youth with profound autism. Surrounded by a multidisciplinary support team providing 24/7 care, Marcello thrived and successfully transitioned into one of Bancroft’s adult residential programs when he turned 21.

For many families, Bancroft is the answer.

Results-Driven Intervention

Bancroft’s transdisciplinary team of experts – including behavioral analysts, behavioral and speech therapists, psychologists, and advanced nurse practitioners – work in partnership with the child and their family to build communication skills and increase independence – helping children with severe autism reconnect with family, school, friends and the community. 

A female aide in a blue shirt stands beside a little girl with blonde hair, a blue shirt and artist's smock, the two of them putting paint inside a bottle.

A Team Approach

Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), skilled clinicians apply evidence-based interventions that help children reduce challenging behaviors.

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Youth who have made gains
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Bancroft adheres to the best practices established by the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) to foster the integration of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and other proven therapeutic techniques, and specialized medical care.

Bancroft Direct Support Professional cleaning up blocks in room with student

Residential Program Options

As children in The Lindens overcome their behavioral challenges, the treatment team sets goals to strengthen communication and daily living skills, including personal care, social interactions, and academic and vocational abilities.  All children supported at The Lindens receive allied therapies that get incorporated into their daily lives including Art, Music, Social Skills, Occupational Therapy, Psychotherapy, and Speech Groups to reinforce the development of new skills.

When behavioral and skill-acquisition goals are met, the child may be ready to progress to a less restrictive setting. This can include a Bancroft Campus Residential Treatment Program or back home with family. 

Spacious, Secure, Home-like Residences

The Lindens program is located in a secure, self-contained space within the 80-acre Bancroft Raymond & Joanne Welsh Campus in Mt. Laurel, NJ. Children in the program live in spacious, home-like residences, and have access to indoor and outdoor recreation, open space and playgrounds. As children meet their behavioral and daily living goals, they may progress to a full day of instruction at The Bancroft School and a less-restrictive residential treatment setting.  

The exterior of a residence in the Lindens Neurobehavioral program on Bancroft's Welsh Campus.

Admission into The Lindens Residences​

Children and youth ages 5 to 21 with autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities who exhibit frequent, intense self-injury, aggression, property destruction and other challenging behaviors, are eligible for placement at The Lindens.

The CARF accreditation goal seal, with blue letters

Requests for services are received from a variety of sources, including state Medicaid or managed care case managers, school districts, attorneys and advocates, physicians and families.  This program is licensed by the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Family Services Office of Licensing as a Private Residential Facility (PRF), and is accredited through CARF.

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