Misty Simmons-McCrosson, LSW

Misty Simmons-McCrosson, LSW

Senior School Social Worker
Misty Simmons, a light-skinned blonde woman wearing a green blouse and black shawl smiles

Misty Simmons-McCrosson is a Senior Social Worker at the Bancroft School and provides support services to education and residential programs.   Ms. Simmons is a Licensed Social Worker in the state of New Jersey and is a New Jersey Certified School Social Worker.

Ms. Simmons has worked individuals with developmental disabilities and their families since 2000. Ms. Simmons began her career in the Lindens program and held both leadership and clinical roles. Upon receiving her Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University, she joined the Bancroft School team as a School Social Worker.  In 2014, Ms. Simmons also joined the Bancroft Early Intervention Program providing in-home social work services.

Ms. Simmons has extensive experience transitioning students from the school setting into adult placements.  She has conducted presentations at various agencies on the topic of transitioning students from school to adult life. She has had several years of Applied Behavior Analysis experience and has presented at various Applied Behavior Analysis focused national and international conferences. 

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