From Serving His Country to Helping Children with Autism

Michael Bradley, a dark-skinned man in a blue polo, stands outside of the Lindens Center building and smiles

From Serving His Country to Helping Children with Autism

Army veteran Michael Bradley found his second calling as a clinical specialist at the Bancroft Lindens Center for Autism, helping children with autism overcome their own challenges. 

Michael Bradley has always been drawn to service.

For 20 years, he worked on the front lines of our country’s defense, as a military police officer and drill instructor in the United States Army. He has also worked as a teacher, and been a pastor, offering spiritual counsel to others.

But in 2015, Bradley found himself at a crossroads. The program where he was working had closed, and at 64, he had a choice: Retire, or find a new career. And he found his new calling: At Bancroft, working in direct support of children and adolescents with Autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

It’s become his new passion in life, and, Bradley says, in many ways, the skills he employed as a drill instructor aren’t all that different from those he uses at Bancroft. As a clinical specialist at the Lindens Center for Autism, a therapeutic residential program for children and adolescents with significant behavioral challenges, Bradley dedicates every day to helping children learn, grow and overcome their own diverse challenges, to live more independently and take steps toward realizing their full potential.

Bradley has become a leader among his colleagues in the Lindens, and earned the respect and admiration of colleagues across Bancroft – and the trust of the young men and women in his care.

This segment from NBC10 in Philadelphia pays tribute to Bradley – a veteran who continues to make the world a better place.


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