Hard Hat Happenings: Thoughtful Transformation

Hard Hat Happenings: Thoughtful Transformation

Touring our burgeoning campus with a new group of friends yesterday gave me the opportunity to view it from a different perspective, through the eyes of first-time visitors. When I walk the construction site, I see major progress toward completion and culmination of a plan we’ve been working on for a decade. I see fully enclosed buildings, duct work and wiring – conduits to the inner workings of the buildings. I see spacious bedrooms and living spaces that I can imagine being very active in less than a year! I see the campus homes begin to form a neighborhood, and class rooms taking shape in the school.

What do our visitors see when they visit for the first time?

Yesterday’s tourists were State Senator Dawn Addiego and Assemblywoman Maria Rodriguez-Gregg of New Jersey’s 8th legislative district and Pat Pasquariello, CEO of P. Agnes, the contractor we chose for the most important project in Bancroft history.

At the end of the site walk during which we explained our purposeful design and campus elements, Senator Addiego deemed the Bancroft Campus at Mt. Laurel a college-like setting, where children will feel part of a community and Assemblywoman Rodriguez- Gregg was intrigued by how “thoughtful and specialized it was designed specifically for the children we serve.” Throughout the visit, they saw opportunities for Bancroft to partner with a host of organizations for group activities, job training, staff development – even pet therapy! We look forward to making those connections in Burlington County!

These two representatives clearly appreciate the impact this campus will have and how every aspect was inspired by the children we teach, serve and support. Thank you Senator Addiego and Assemblywoman Rodriguez-Gregg for lending us your eyes and your perspective! We can’t wait to celebrate the opening with you next year!

As a seasoned contractor, Pat brought an eye for detail, sharing his view on the quality of the workmanship and the distinct design elements. He, too, was struck by the progress being made at the site, knowing how important this project is to the children we serve and their families and our staff and faculty.

By my next visit, construction on the Activity Pool, one of the most game-changing elements of the campus will be underway! Upon opening, it will be the hub of activity and in high demand for water therapy and sensory activity as well as lessons in water safety and swimming. It will be exciting watching it come to life.

Although grateful for the mild winter thus far, keeping the project on schedule, I look forward to watching season of spring come to life on the campus, with the sunshine and fresh green leaves on the hundreds of trees encircling the campus. It will be a beautiful setting to welcome more first-time visitors at the Bancroft Campus at Mt. Laurel.


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