Adult Day Program

Day Programs for Adults with Autism, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Learning and skills development to help adults with I/DD acquire the skills and experience needed to lead a rich fulfilling life.

Bancroft knows the importance of lifelong learning. That’s why we offer a full spectrum of day programs, enrichment opportunities and job training and employment options to help each person realize his or her full potential by cultivating self-esteem and empowering independence.

Helping adults with I/DD gain skills and experience to lead a rich fulfilling life.

Bancroft currently provides Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) Supports Program-approved day habilitation in Burlington and Camden counties. Staff members are trained in Applied Behavior Analysis and committed to providing individualized services, treating every person with respect and dignity and creating an encouraging and supporting environment for all.

Our interdisciplinary clinical team carefully screens each applicant and works with them, their family and Supports Coordinator to ensure they join a group that best meets their needs and personal goals.


Day Program is made up of four key components:

Day Enrichment:

Strengthening Skills and Abilities

Participants work on increasing independence in daily activities like eating and hygiene, positively responding to change, decreasing problematic behaviors and basic pre-vocational skills.

Lifelong Learning:

Applying Skills and Knowledge

Program participants continue to develop daily living skills and begin to apply pre-vocational skills to real world experiences through community-based leisure activities and volunteerism. Social skills like accepting criticism, being tolerant of others and coping with stress are an integral part of the mix.

Career Exploration:

Exploring Career Related Interests and Abilities

By sampling various jobs and tasks, program participants work with staff to identify vocational interests and develop the skills needed to pursue that track. Group members increase their time on task, continue to improve social skills and build a resume.

Employment Preparation:

Employment and Career Planning

As the group masters daily living skills and volunteering or working with staff support, the focus is to decrease or eliminate lingering behaviors and to fully develop appropriate social skills and self-management.

Therapeutic Activities

Bancroft employs a team of Therapeutic Activity Specialists with diverse areas of expertise to help program participants discover new interests and passions and continue to acquire new skills to increase independence at home and work and in the community.

Social Skills Group
  • Improve the ability to function safely in various social situations
  • Gain confidence in social interactions
  • Provide opportunities for inclusion in home, vocational and community settings
  • Health & Fitness
  • Promote exercise and reinforce skills like coordination and following directions
  • Empowering individuals to take control of their health
  • Participate in activities, such as yoga and individual and team adaptive sports
  • Music
  • Acquire and practice a variety of social, soft and hard skills
  • Learn about a wide range of musical styles and cultures, from Bollywood to Beethoven
  • Develop individual musical tastes
  • Play various instruments, sing along and identify the beat of the music
  • Arts
  • Expose participants to age-appropriate art and related information
  • Explore methodologies of creation to express individuality
  • Experiment with painting, sculpture, theatrical projects and other art
  • View the 2019-2020 Bancroft Adult Day Programs Holiday Calendar and Schedule here.

    Funding for Services

    Eligibility for funding for adult services is determined by the New Jersey Department of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) or the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS).

    Once eligibility has been determined, you or the individual seeking service may choose Bancroft as the program of choice. While most of those enrolled in Bancroft programs receive state funding for all or some of the services provided, others augment services by paying for them directly.

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    How to Apply

    The first step is to contact your Supports Coordinator and tell them you are interested in a Bancroft program. The Supports Coordinator can then make a referral to Bancroft.

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