Flicker Residences for Older Adults

Quality of Life Through Connection and Support

The Judith B. Flicker Residences Program is aimed at providing a superior quality of life for people over 50 with autism and intellectual or developmental disabilities, in a serene setting in Voorhees, New Jersey. 

Programming is aimed at meeting the diverse needs, interests and activity levels of older and aging adults — keeping them engaged and supported while respecting their individual needs and desires. 

The Flicker program features six homes surrounding a spacious central courtyard linked by a sunny indoor walkway. Each resident has their own private bedroom within walking distance to communal space for recreational and social activities and day program activities.

Amenities Include:

Maximizing Mobility, Emotional Stability and Quality of Life

Residents participate in social and recreational activities, including visits to regional theater, sporting events and recreation outside the residences and special guest performances by local artists.

Nurse case managers closely monitor the health needs of each individual, and staff receives specialized training on the exceptional needs of an aging population.

Bancroft’s philosophy of lifelong learning does not end when a person turns 50. At Flicker, therapeutic activities specialists and other staff continue helping residents build new skills and take part in art, music, and other activities tailored to each person’s interests.

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Ready to Learn More?

The first step is to contact your Supports Coordinator and tell them you are interested in a Bancroft program. The Supports Coordinator can then make a referral to Bancroft.

Call 800.774.5516 to speak with an Admissions Specialist to discuss Bancroft residential services for adults and funding options.

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