The Bancroft School Transition Program

Workers with disabilities have many abilities – and have proven to be dependable and engaging employees.

Bancroft’s Transition Program works with students ages 18-21 in the critical time in their lives when skill building and finding the right vocational opportunity for their future can make a lasting impact. In turn, Bancroft works to match businesses with the right workers for their needs. We facilitate and support the students need be successful on the job with the employers tasks to be completed.

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 It’s FREE!

We provide our services at no cost to employers. We help train the indivual you hire for free.

Bancroft can provide you with:

  • Pre-screened, qualified job applicants
  • Job training and on-the-job assistance by skilledemployment specialists
  • Ongoing support for the employer and employee
  • Tax incentive information
  • Job accommodation information and assistance
  • ADA consultation and technical assistance
  • Employer/employee education and sensitivity training
  • Measurement of employer and employee satisfaction

Employees with disabilities are generally reliable, enthusiastic and highly motivated. They value the opportunity to work and be contributing members of society. In addition, hiring individuals with disabilities creates a more diverse workplace and demonstrates a company’s commitment to community values. It’s a win-win situation and it makes great business sense.

Heres how it works.

Competitive and Supported Employment

The company directly hires employees. Bancroft employment specialists help train your new employees and facilitate on-the-job support, gradually reducing their presence as the employees can complete the job more independently.

Transitional Supported Employment

The company hires a group of employees indirectly through a service agreement with Bancroft. We provide a supervisor to support the group at the employer’s work site. This arrangement serves as a training model, enabling individuals with disabilities to learn the skills needed to function productively and independently in a work setting. Once this training phase is complete, Bancroft can offer the employer skilled and experiences workers for direct employment.

Contract Employment

The company hires a group of employees indirectly through a contract with Bancroft. Companies typically contract for a specific project such as packaging a product. The employees work at a Bancroft site with supervision from Bancroft employment specialists.

Internships and Volunteer Positions

The company provides unpaid internship and volunteer positions to individuals with disabilities. Bancroft employment specialists provide support every step of the way to help train the individual. This allows the intern to gain valuable work experience and prepares him/her to be successful in a workplace setting.

Program Leadership

Pat Senft, Supervisor

The Bancroft School Transition Program


Judi Brown, Principal

The Bancroft School


Employers & Volunteer Associates:

Papa Joe’s Salt
Magnum Computer Recycling Taproom
Kenny’s World
Creative Wraps
First Montgomery Group
TJ Maxx
Organico’s Pizzeria

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