Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the Heart of Bancroft

The 2,000 DSPs who work at Bancroft are a diverse group of talented, compassionate men and women who devote their lives to empowering people with disabilities to live their best lives. We couldn’t do what we do without them.


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Female paraprofessional helping an individual cook at the stove.

What is a DSP?

DSPs are caregivers who work with people with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities, helping them with daily activities and supporting them in integrating into the community and achieving greater levels of independence. They work side-by-side with those in their care to lend a hand in whatever life throws their way. 

Show Your Love for DSPs

DSPs work tirelessly and compassionately to support the individuals in our care and empower them to realize their best lives. It’s a rewarding but challenging career path, and that’s why we want to make sure every DSP and front-line staff member knows how valued, appreciated and vital they are to Bancroft’s mission. 

Meet some of our DSPs


Children’s Services

“My favorite part of working at Bancroft is the diversity of kids, getting to know what they like and dislike.” 


Welsh Campus

“Throughout the years, I enjoyed working with the students we serve and watching them progress has been completely rewarding”


Voorhees Pediatric

“There are smooth days and days that are a challenge, but you have to rise above because you are there for the students.”   


Children’s Transitional

“A small win often leads to major goals being achieved, that’s what brings me joy.”


Adult Services

“I love to make it my duty to advocate for the individuals we serve, even if it seems like something that’s small.”


Voorhees Pediatric

“It’s so rewarding to hear the families appreciate what we do at Bancroft for their loved one.”


Adult Services

“I always make sure the families have a sense of comfortability and assure them that their child is in good hands.”


Jacob Schaefer Adult Services

“I genuinely care and respect these individuals as if they were my children”

Share Why DSPs Matter

“Bancroft DSPs are our family! We cherish them and the love they have for Liz! As a family member, to know that she is loved and respected and in a caring and safe environment is immeasurable. We are forever grateful for all of your time and dedication!”

Paul and Selena’s sister, Liz, has lived with Bancroft NeuroRehab for 15 years.

Real Life. Real Purpose.

At Bancroft, you’ll find a career where you’re improving the lives of the people we serve, and you’ll see how they’re impacting your life, too.

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