Hard Hat Happenings: ONE Year To Go!

Hard Hat Happenings: ONE Year To Go!

Yesterday’s visit to the new campus construction site was exhilarating! In the middle of January, it was 60 degrees, more than 30 degrees warmer than our last tour before the holidays. Instead of frozen tundra, we trod through mud that felt like quick sand in some areas. Really glad I brought my knee-high, easy-to-hose-off boots!

Board member Scott Bannett – our construction expert – joined me for today’s walk-around exclaiming “awesome progress” as we finished up. I would agree. Scott’s perspective went deeper into construction details than most of our guests, providing me with a greater appreciation for the choreography of the project necessary to ensure excellent construction delivered on time.

The final building on the campus – the Facilities and Receiving building – is now underway making it the last building started and the first building to be completed. The concrete slab will be poured there soon, bringing the total concrete floors on the campus to 2,698 square yards. Wow!
Parking areas, islands and curbs are going in, seemingly outlining the campus, with 5,000 feet of curb being constructed this week alone. With every building planned for the site underway, it already feels like home. The Bancroft School building is completely framed in steel, and we walked up the completed stairwell to the second floor of the Elementary/Middle School wing to enjoy a spectacular view.
We were able to walk through the entire building, from the school wings all the way through the Activity Center. We stepped into the gymnasium and peered into the pool space which, thanks to the thaw, was aptly filled with water – not the kind we want!

What really filled my heart today, though, were the housing units for our children. The structures in both the Lindens Neurobehavioral program and Campus Residences already look and feel like community homes, homes that will support the children in residence in ways they deserve and what we’ve always wanted to provide.

The Campus Residences – which will house 44 kids – are truly spectacular with welcoming front porches, views of the tree-lined campus, inviting group space and perfectly designed bedrooms and shared kitchens and laundry areas. The siding is already in place on a few, giving it a real neighborhood look and feel. Along with an indoor gym, pool and play spaces, the outdoor sports and play areas will really bring so much joy and fun to the lives of the kids in residence and in school.

I can’t wait for them and their families to see what we’ve been able to do for them!

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