Hard Hat Happenings: POWER

Hard Hat Happenings: POWER

As I stepped inside the school building this month, I felt it. I felt the hustle and bustle in the hallways. I felt an electric current from the buzz of activity. With over 200 construction workers and tradespeople working on the site, it’s beginning to emit the same energy as the current school with 220 students and staff arriving, moving from classroom to classroom, getting things done. They are wiring, painting, finishing walls, tiling bathrooms, installing windows, doors and so much more. There’s a real sense of the space and its purpose and promise.

Over the past few months, the campus has been transformed. We now enter the main entrance where just this week a worker attached power lines to the poles, setting up the foundation for power to the campus. As we walk through the school, the activity center and each residence, the colorful power lines hang overhead waiting to be tucked up and concealed. They are bringing the campus to life.

We hosted some of our closest friends this month for a hard hat tour of the campus they have generously supported. Each of our guests had seen the graphic interpretation of the vision for the new campus in its early stages, so seeing it so expertly replicated from the ground up left them amazed and closer to feeling how the campus and its facilities will impact the lives of the children we serve and support.

Bancroft’s medical team joined Pat and Tina Meade, Tom Heitzman of Whitesell Construction and Rob Curley of TD Bank. The Meade’s son Daniel will be one of the first students to graduate from the new Bancroft campus.

Representatives of Ravitz Family ShopRite and the Ravitz Family Foundation visited the site to see the impact of their Capital Campaign donation and the progress of the space earmarked for a ShopRite store front.

It was wonderful to share our excitement about the site and thank them in person for their generous support helping the vision come to fruition.

Landscaping has begun with dozens of trees and bushes being delivered by the truckload.
Concrete for the Activity Pool has been poured, and we can see the quadrants of the pool just waiting for students to play, learn and have fun right here on campus.


Mindy Holman from Holman Automotive Group Inc.

Keep tuning in as we power through the next few months, anticipating a certificate of occupancy this fall.

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