Hard Hat Happenings: VIDEO UPDATE

Hard Hat Happenings: VIDEO UPDATE

100 Days! 

Over the past eight months, I have been showing off the new campus to donors, elected officials, Bancroft staff and the organization’s closest friends. Each time, our guests walk away with a keen sense of just how important this project is for the students, their families and the community.

It turns out they aren’t the only ones who were listening to our story. The construction crews and trades who have been working to bring our plan to life have heard it, too.
Led by contractor P. Agnes and project manager Bill Bamford, these workers and their employers together raised $275,550 for the Bancroft Campus at Mount Laurel. We are beyond grateful for their support, not to mention their hard work to bring this project to fruition.
100 days.  That’s how long until we take possession of the campus and its buildings and begin the work of installing technology, moving in furniture, and adding all the finishing touches.
No doubt, the next 100 days will fly by!
Take a look at the progress:
Click to watch the video!
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