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Papa Joe’s Salts Finds Success with Help of Bancroft Students

Papa Joe’s Salts Finds Success with Help of Bancroft Students

Michelle Pringle and her grandfather not only shared a special connection throughout her life, but they also shared a family recipe. A recipe for the best universal seasoning in the region. When her grandfather passed away, Michelle wanted to share his unique blend with others. She launched Papa Joe’s Salt and began to sell the product at local fairs, businesses, farm markets and online. Over the past few years, as life got busier and the company seemed to be blooming and expanding into more stores, she needed help packaging samples for her shows and online orders.

A neighbor told her about the young adults at Bancroft who were looking for pre-vocational activities within their classes at The Bancroft School. The transitional students volunteer their time to learn new skills that help prepare them for their future. Michelle immediately sought to connect with Bancroft.

“It was one of those lightbulb moments, I could help these special children learn skills while they in return helped me with my business goals,” said Michelle. “I worked at Bancroft with children who have autism and special needs in 1997 & 1998. It’s ironic & amazing that our roles have switched where the students at Bancroft can now help me as I once helped them years ago. Working with them truly opens your eyes, and I am very grateful for their hard work and dedication.”

“We are always looking for businesses in the community to think outside the box about how the individuals we serve with autism, intellectual or developmental disabilities can assist them, and in return teach them essential skills they need to work towards vocational opportunities,” said Christine McGivern, Sr. Transition Job Coach at Bancroft.

For more information about Bancroft’s comprehensive transition programs for adults ages 18-21 or to become an employer engaged with Bancroft, call 1.800.774.5516.


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