Preschool & Early Education Program Expanding to Better Meet Distinct Needs of Youngest Learners

Preschool & Early Education Program Expanding to Better Meet Distinct Needs of Youngest Learners

The Bancroft School Preschool & Early Education Program is moving to a new, expanded location in Moorestown, N.J.

Located at 101 Executive Drive in Moorestown, this new location will allow us to reimagine the preschool and elementary program and classroom experience for students ages 3 to 11 with autism, intellectual & developmental disabilities.

What this means for the children we support:

  • Expanded opportunities for academic, social and physical development with the behavioral, medical and emotional support to thrive. 
  • Enhanced outdoor recreation with an adaptive playground to support structured activities and encourage exploration, play, and socialization.  
  • Community outings and experiences to develop social skills and enhance learning.
  • Specialized programs to promote creative expression and exploration and application of generalized skills in different environments.
  • Enable greater collaboration between The Bancroft School on the Welsh Campus in Mt. Laurel to provide access to water-safety instruction and transition programming for students graduating to the Welsh Campus.
While our look and location are changing, our philosophy will not. Reaching children earlier in their academic career, gives us the greatest ability to make a meaningful impact and position each student to succeed and thrive. 

Our students are children with significant behavioral and physical challenges that prevent them from participating in a traditional school setting. As the rate of autism has increased in New Jersey, so, too, has the need for specialized educational services to support those students.  

As has always been the hallmark of a Bancroft School education, our focus will remain on helping these children learn to communicate and build the social and emotional skills they need to engage meaningfully with their families, teachers and friends, and empower them to live their best lives as they move through their school years.

We look forward to sharing new and exciting updates as we move forward and grow PEEP!

For more information, contact PEEP Principal or (856) 354-2976.

Questions about enrollment?

To learn more or to schedule a screening, contact Lisa Carroll: or (800) 774-5516. 

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