Tracy Kettering, PhD Honored with Game Changer Award

Tracy Kettering, PhD Honored with Game Changer Award

Tracy Kettering, PhD, Director of Bancroft’s ABA Center of Excellence has been honored with the Game Changer Award from SJ Magazine for their 2022 Women of Excellence.

Tracy oversees research, clinical education and supervision initiatives, including an on-the-job program for employees leading to a Master’s Degree from Rider University. She is an amazing advocate for autism awareness and trains people in the community – including law enforcement and healthcare workers – to understand neuro-diverse behaviors.

“Tracy truly is a game changer for Bancroft,” states Dr. Karen Lindgren, Bancroft’s Chief Clinical Officer. “Her innovative work in the field of autism is so incredibly valuable, not only to the people Bancroft supports and their families, but the entire region. We are lucky to have her on our team.”

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