20 Years at Walmart: Ingrid’s Story

20 Years at Walmart: Ingrid’s Story

Meet Ingrid Foster

Ingrid lives at the Judith B. Flicker Residences for Older Adults. Her hobbies include swimming, cooking dinner for her family and housemates, watching TV and tending to her houseplants. Ingrid is a participant in Bancroft’s Adult Employment program, securing her first position as a clerical assistant at GE in 1994, with the help of former Program Director, Victoria Sweeney.

She’s held a few different positions since then but Ingrid most recently celebrated 20 years of employment at Walmart. Ingrid has played a variety of roles at Walmart but her current (and most enjoyed!) position is in the fitting room! She loves working with people in a high-volume environment, making the day interesting and quick.

Ingrid is a hard worker and an achiever. Her story is a truly inspiring.

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Ingrid credits her success to many of the staff members at Bancroft, namely her longtime friend Victoria. Victoria has been with Bancroft for 28 years and is now the Senior Director of Judith B. Flicker Residences & Day Services.

“I have always admired Ingrid’s drive to achieve. Ingrid inspires me. She’s amazing.”
                                     – Victoria Sweeney

Incredible successes and milestones.

There must be something in the water at Flicker because Ingrid’s housemate Nancy Sweeny also recently celebrated 20 years of employment at Acme. These two ladies have no plans to stop their careers and truly love the freedom and independence that comes with working. 

They are looking forward to another 20 years!


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