5 Ways to Support a DSP

5 Ways to Support a DSP

1. Make a donation in their honor. Your generous gifts will allow us to tangibly honor Bancroft staff throughout the year and continue to show them how valued they are.

2. Send a note to say thanks. Whether it’s a hand-written card, an email, a letter, a picture — hearing directly from the families whose loved one they support means so much.

3. Give a shout-out on social media! Send us an email at communications@bancroft.org, and tell us what the DSP/DSPs in your life have meant to you, your family, or your loved one for us to share across our social media channels to tell the world how incredible direct support professionals truly are.

4. Write to lawmakers. Public policy affects direct care workers in countless ways: from funding that impacts pay, to regulatory requirements and more. ANCOR (federal policy) and NJACP (New Jersey-specific policy) both provide robust advocacy toolkits, as well as links to find your local lawmakers.

5. Everyone loves food! You can send in the team’s favorite treats, coffee, pizza, meals, or schedule a night to bring some goodies or stop by to cook dinner! Staff can’t accept individual gifts — but sending tokens of appreciation to the entire team is more than fine, and greatly appreciated by our DSPs!


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The #GivingTuesday movement was created to unite us all in a day of generosity, to make a difference in the world through donations to organizations we care about at the start of the holiday season.