Just Be… Khalilah

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Just Be… Khalilah

Mom, Ella, shares her pride of her daughter Khalilah in this Just Be blog.

Hello, my name is Ella. I am the mother to a young lady named Khalilah Fisher. I would like to share a little of her journey, attending The Bancroft School in Haddonfield, N.J.

Khalilah was diagnosed with autism at age 9. At that time, in our home school district, there were not many teachers who knew how to work with children on the autism spectrum. I quickly became frustrated with the school district and knew I had to become Khalilah’s voice and make some important decisions for her future.

Together, we searched for a new environment. We were both involved in the process, and as soon as we toured The Bancroft School, Khalilah let me know right away it was the place for her. It was an easy decision!

To this day, I still get emotional about the experiences she has had… her dedicated teachers and the dear friends she has made over the years. Bancroft provided Khalilah with all the tools she needed to become the confident young lady she is today.

I will be forever grateful.

Today, at 22, Khalilah is back at Bancroft in the Adult Employment program. She is thriving, gaining more independence and has made so many new friends! Thank you to everyone who has blessed us on this journey.

Oh, and P.S.: Khalilah was Prom Queen of her graduating school class 2014!


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