Picture of all of the media about Autism: Rain Man, How to Dance in Ohio, Float, The Story of Luke, In A Different Key, Atypical, The Good Doctor, Parenthood, Kodi Lee, and Sesame Street

Movies, Documentaries & Shows About Autism

Movies, Documentaries & Shows About Autism

Whether it’s about autism or written by someone with autism, the options for movies, documentaries, TV shows & short films about autism and disabilities are endless. These recommendations were curated by Bancroft team member, Will Hoheisel, who is also on the Autism Spectrum and an alumnus of The Bancroft School. Will is the first face you see when you come to Bancroft’s administrative offices, and he is also a recent Corporate Service Excellence Award Winner.


  • Rain Man – *(Contains Foul Language & Some Implied Sexual Moments) (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “Netflix”)
  • Autism: The Musical – (Can Either Be Purchased on Amazon (DVD) or Found on “HBO Max”)
  • Temple Grandin – (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “HBO Max”) (Check out this article on Temple!)
  • Best Kept Secret – (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “VUDU”)
  • How to Dance in Ohio – (Can Either Be Purchased on “Amazon” (DVD) or Found on “HBO Max”)
  • Autism in Love – (Available for Purchase on Film’s Website through “Vimeo”)
  • Life, Animated – (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “Hulu” or “VUDU”)
  • Asperger’s Are Us – *(Adult Movie) *(Contains Some Foul Language) (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “Netflix”)
  • Swim Team – (Can Be Purchased on “Amazon”, “YouTube”, or “Apple/iTunes”)
  • Please Stand By – (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “Hulu”)
  • Autism: The Sequel – (Can Be Found on “HBO Max”)
  • Float – (Can Be Found Either on “YouTube” or “Disney+”)
  • Loop – (Can Be Found on “Disney+”)
  • The Story of Luke – (Can Either Be Purchased or Found on “YouTube,” “VUDU,” or “Amazon Prime”)
  • The Reason I Jump – (Can Currently Be Purchased and/or Screened Through the “Kino Marquee”
  • In A Different Key  (Contains Some Brief Foul Language, Some “Unsettling” Moments, & a Brief Scene With Sexual References/Wording!) (*Check Movie Website For Film Info, Screenings, & Online Viewing Opportunities)

TV Shows & Documentary Shorts

Sesame Street

‘America’s Got Talent’

A photo of Kodi Lee. He is smiling and holding a paperIn 2019, Kodi Lee auditioned for the fourteenth season of America’s Got Talent and at the end of the season, was declared the winner. Kodi was born with optic nerve hypoplasia, causing him to become legally blind. He was also diagnosed with autism at an early age and has Addison’s disease.



Watch his journey on ‘America’s Got Talent’ below:

YouTube Channels


“Sounds Like Autism” Podcast

Hosted By Josh Mirsky (who’s on the Autism Spectrum!) & Dave Thompson (Can be Found on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, & Google (among other vendors)

Check out Bancroft’s full list of video resources on our YouTube channel!

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