Employee Highlight: 30 years at Bancroft

Employee Highlight: 30 years at Bancroft

Clair Rohrer: When a job becomes your family.

When you are in your twenties, the world is simply an opportunity waiting to happen. For Clair Rohrer, a random phone call from a recruiter landed her an opportunity to join the Bancroft family. And a family is what she has built around her over the last 30 years working at Bancroft.

“So much has changed over the past 30 years as to how we do business here at Bancroft, we’ve expanded, increased regulations, but the foundation is the same – building a community, making people feel respected and understanding there are always going to be obstacles to overcome, but that it too will pass,” said Clair.

She continued with some great words of advice: Starting her career at Bancroft working in Mullica Hill assisting individuals with daily living, then moving through the ranks to a manager, then director and today as Senior Vice President of CSA, she took advantage of tuition reimbursement and pursued her advanced degree. “Don’t be discouraged if something you are pursuing is not open at this moment. Be patient, because there is always a new opportunity happening around you; you just have to keep pushing. One thing I have learned is that when you are pushed to stretch yourself, you really can stretch to do something you never thought you could,” reflects Clair.

“Progress is not a straight line ahead, it’s hard, and there are learning moments throughout the climb.”

Her mentor…Toni Pergolin. “When she came here as Chief Financial Officer, I was amazed at how much control and clarity she brought in such a short period of time. That continues today, she has great clarity and preparedness for everything she touches and is such a strong leader for the organization – and for me.”Clair is humbled by the influence those we serve have had on her life, both in her career and personally. “So many people face challenges with such grace. Whether they were born with their condition or it was acquired through a brain injury – they have taught me not to get stuck on the little things in life. There is always something to focus on that’s more important.”

It’s been thirty years at Bancroft for Clair…and there is no stopping her now.

Congratulations on 30 – and here’s to 30 more!


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