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Lindens Special Education Teachers Go Beyond The Classroom

Lindens Special Education Teachers Go Beyond The Classroom

Stephanie Grilli | Education Supervisor, Lindens Program| June 2, 2021

On a typical day, it is not uncommon for The Lindens team of teachers to encounter a wide variety of behaviors. They rise to the occasion, embracing each challenge thrown their way, using every moment as a teachable one. These talented and patient educators are determined to teach independence and skill-building tailored to each student’s needs, all with one goal in mind: to enable independent living at home, school and in the community.

Their work does not stop when academic sessions are over. They engage and participate in conversations with CMOs, school districts, and the interdisciplinary team,  medical, mental health, behavioral health, and related services professionals. They care about the student beyond the classroom. I also want to recognize the strong support team of Direct Support Professionals (DSPs). Without DSPs at the Lindens, teachers would not be able to do what they do.

I could not be more appreciative of our team’s flexibility and ability to pivot (physically and mentally) at every twist and turn, especially throughout the pandemic.

From the shift to remote learning to the gradual return to campus, every teacher has enthusiastically leaned into the changes. 

The team reinforces their commitment through personal and professional development that includes seeking higher education opportunities, mentoring others, and their admirable support and championing for their peers. Their resilience and ability to thrive in the face of adversity makes them one of the strongest education teams. I could not be more proud to work alongside them! Thank you Lindens teachers!


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