Vocational Services

Connecting People with I/DD with Meaningful Employment

Every person has a right to employment that is fulfilling and enjoyable. Whether a person with intellectual or developmental disability works, volunteers or takes part in a structured day program, these opportunities are critical in boosting self-esteem and fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Adult Employment Services

Our model ensures each person is properly trained and supported toward the goal of transitioning into the workforce.  With time, attention and developmental and refinement of skills, individuals progress to competitive employment with minimal to no support.

Transitional and Supported Employment:

Transitional EmploymentSupported Employment
Job Skills TrainingOngoing training for both job specific tasks and soft skillsOngoing training for both job specific tasks and soft skills
On-the-job SupportOn-the-job SupportSupport from an Employment Specialist as needed
Staffing Ratio1:6 averageEmployment Specialist as needed
Level of IndependenceHigh level of support with focus on increasing independenceWork independently with little to no support
Job PlacementBEECompetitive community-based job opportunities
FundingDDD Self-Directed Fee For Service*DVR / DDD

Transitional Employment

Job opportunities are community-based with ongoing on-site training from a Bancroft Job Coach. As skill level improves and increased independence is achieved, individuals transition to competitive employment in the community.

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Supported Employment

Based in the community and in small and large businesses, these opportunities are customized for both the individual and their community employer.

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Bancroft Employment Enterprises (BEE)

Bancroft has created an thriving enterprise of small businesses operated by adults with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities.From lawn care to printing and an online apparel store, we are proud to provide meaningful employment to many of those we serve.

Check out the full list of our small businesses here.


Providing real-world career opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a hallmark of Bancroft’s mission.

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cirtificateCARF accreditation signals a service provider’s commitment to continually improving services, encouraging feedback, and serving the community. Bancroft is accredited by CARF for its Community Employment Service programs including: job development, job supports, job site training, and organizational employment services.

Transitional Employment Women in CafeONE

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