Tommy’s Journey: From Anxious Student to “School Mayor”

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Tommy’s Journey: From Anxious Student to “School Mayor”

Tommy’s Journey: From Anxious Student to “School Mayor”

Preschool & Early Education Student Highlight

Diagnosed with autism, Tommy struggled with severe school anxiety, leading to three school changes within first grade. Faced with these challenges, his parents searched for an educational environment where Tommy could learn and thrive. 

Hope Blooms at Bancroft

Success for Tommy is more than academics. It’s being able to navigate his world confidently and independently. Today, he’s fondly known as the “School Mayor” in the Preschool & Early Education program. He even proudly gave a tour of the school to Bancroft’s CEO, Toni Pergolin, during her visit – a testament to his newfound confidence.

Now, his clinical and academic teams are considering transitioning him back to his school district – a once far-off possibility.

Tommy - Firetruck Visit

From Anxious Student to "School Mayor"

When Tommy was referred to Bancroft’s Preschool & Early Education Program (PEEP), his parents were hopeful that this would be the best place for him. But change is hard for everyone, and the transition was challenging. It took nearly three months before Tommy would even enter the classroom. 

Bancroft’s dedicated team – his speech therapist, BCBA, and teacher – worked together to design a personalized plan to address his anxiety and enhance his communication skills. Gradually, with patience and unwavering support, Tommy began to blossom.

The Bancroft Difference

Tommy’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of personalized support and a nurturing educational environment. His story reflects the spirit of Bancroft, a place where children with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities can thrive. Because every child, just like Tommy, deserves to be the hero of their own story.

Tommy and Teacher

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