Kowal Family Finds Hope in Bancroft’s Residential Care

The Kowal family

Kowal Family Finds Hope in Bancroft’s Residential Care

Tom and Ellene Kowal are the grandparents and primary caregivers of Christopher, a young man with autism in Bancroft’s adult residential care. This is their story.

Chris began his journey at Bancroft as a student in The Bancroft School. Although Chris was doing well at the school, Tom and Ellene were struggling to care for him. They were both working full-time and feeling overwhelmed. Some of his behaviors were destructive and taking care of him was a 24/7 job. 

“We had absolutely no idea what to do and how to help him,” said Ellene. “We needed help. We needed somebody to help us.”

They turned to Bancroft, hoping the residential program would provide Christopher with the support he needed. It’s a decision they are very happy they made. 

“… since Bancroft, you know, [Chris] has become a very friendly person. He loves everybody. Bancroft has given him the structure and the discipline he needed,” said Ellene.

“It’s life-changing,” agreed Tom.

When he transitioned into adult services, Bancroft placed him in one of their supportive group homes in the adult residential program. These homes are complete with private bedrooms, cozy kitchens, and comfortable spaces to relax and unwind. But they also offer something even more important: a supportive community and dedicated staff who are passionate about helping residents thrive. 

“I look forward to seeing all the other guys in the house too. They’re like my other grandsons. They’re just so welcoming. They love everybody. When I go in there, it’s always happiness. When you walk through that door, you can feel it. It’s like you’re walking into your own home.” 

For Tom and Ellene, knowing that Chris is in such a caring and capable place brings them immense peace of mind. They can see the positive impact Bancroft has had on their grandson, and they are grateful for the secure and supportive future it offers him.

“It is comforting for us to know that Bancroft is going to be there for Christopher when we won’t be able to care for him,” said Ellene.


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