Community Residential Program

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Helping Children and Youth Learn, Live and Participate in the Community

Bancroft’s Community Residential Program empowers children with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities to thrive in the community.

Building Skills

Bancroft community-based homes blend seamlessly into neighborhoods throughout southern New Jersey — in single-family homes located in communities where children and young adults can live more independently while continuing to build upon the necessary life, social and cognitive skills they have developed.

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Socialization and Independence

The Community Residential Program incorporates a focus on each child’s development and is integrated with the educational curriculum at The Bancroft School. Activity and social engagement are critical elements to empowering each child to achieve a higher degree of independence. Transportation is provided to school and to organized recreation and social activities.

Integrated Living, Learning and Fun

Students live in well-maintained, single-family homes where they participate in meal preparation, daily chores, and caring for themselves and their belongings. Staff supervision is in place 24/7 in a safe and comfortable home environment where they get to engage with peers and the community. Each student has his or her own room — a space to call their own.

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Care for a Lifetime

As children transition into adulthood, Bancroft provides adult residential services providing the same hallmark quality care in community-based residential and campus settings enabling them the opportunity to live a productive, fulfilled and meaningful life. Through residential, day and vocational program options, we promote greater levels of independence through daily life and job skills development along with support to match each person’s progress and achievements.

Eligibility and Funding

Bancroft is proud to support children and families from across the countryIn New Jersey, eligibility for funding for the Campus and Community Residences is determined by the New Jersey Department of Children and Family Services (DCF).  

Families who live outside the state of New Jersey should call one of our admission specialists to discuss funding options.

Ready to get started?

Call 800.774.5516 to connect with a Bancroft Admissions Specialist who can advise your family on obtaining funding and next steps

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