Inside Our World: Celebrating Differences

Celebrating Autism Acceptance Month by
Sharing Diverse Perspectives

For Autism Acceptance Month 2024, we asked members of our Bancroft community one question: 

When someone thinks about autism, what do you want them to know?

Their answers were thoughtful, unique and diverse. Our hope is that these short videos open minds and hearts, bridge understanding and acceptance, and most of all, inspire everyone to celebrate differences and embrace individuals with autism.

Natasha and Xavier

Natasha is a Senior Direct Support Professional at Bancroft. She is also mother to Xavier, who has autism.

Watch Chris's Story

Watch Chris's incredible story unfold as he discovers laughter, friendship and independence in Bancroft's residential program for children and adults.

Autism Acceptance Month

Stories & Resources

Diagnosed with autism, Tommy struggled with severe school anxiety, leading to three school changes within first grade. Faced with these challenges, his parents searched for an educational environment where Tommy could learn and thrive.

Children with autism often have delays in social communication and language, which can be a barrier. Learn how specialized treatment enables children to overcome challenging behaviors and connect with their world.

Bancroft truly makes a difference in the lives of others. Compassionately working to improve the quality of life for individuals who, in turn, inspire them to be better people. Read about more family stories and testimonials.

Entering the vast and expansive post-graduation world may seem daunting, but armed with a personalized transition plan, you can guide your child toward a fulfilling and successful future.

Picky eating is a common occurrence in children, and picky eating and autism often go hand-in-hand. This guide offers practical strategies to help you expand your loved one’s diet to incorporate a larger variety of healthy and nutritious foods.

Help support our mission to empower individuals with autism and other intellectual and developmental disabilities realize their best life.  

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