Bancroft Celebrates its 140th Anniversary

Bancroft Celebrates its 140th Anniversary

In 1883, Philadelphia teacher Margaret Bancroft opened one of the first private schools in the country for children with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Her innovative ideas about unlocking the potential in children with disabilities laid the foundation for what would become the field of special education, and led Margaret Bancroft to become a pioneer in supporting children with special needs.

Today, Bancroft has evolved into a large, multi-faceted organization that has advanced special education, residential treatment and clinical outcomes for children and adults helping them reach their full potential for fulfilling lives. Operating in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, Bancroft comprises four special education schools, including the flagship Bancroft School, over 275 group homes for adults and children, progressive day programming, specialized autism treatment, and the nationally-recognized Lindens Neurobehavioral Stabilization Program. Bancroft NeuroRehab, a division of Bancroft, provides rehabilitation for individuals recovering from traumatic and acquired brain injury and neurological conditions in three New Jersey regions.

“I am so proud of how far we have come as an organization and the legacy we have,” says Bancroft President & CEO Toni Pergolin, who is just the ninth executive leader of the organization. “We are poised to continue to change lives by realizing our strategic plan with a focus on meaningful growth, innovative use of technology, renowned clinical excellence and transforming the experience of our team members.”

Bancroft’s reach includes the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Center of Excellence, a valuable resource in the region by virtue of its depth and breadth of expertise and experience in evidence-based treatment for autism. The Center ensures excellence through ongoing professional development of the organization’s rich roster of clinicians, advancement of research into treatment and overall health and wellbeing of those with autism, and the dissemination of research, information and best practices among the team and in the community.

“I credit the people who come to work here every day, ready to support those in our care,” said Pergolin. “They are filled with compassion, creativity and the desire to always do better while building Bancroft into a sustainable and growing organization.”

Bancroft employs a team of 2,900 people made up of direct support professionals, nurses, social workers, therapists, teachers, behavior analysts, and corporate staff.

Toni Pergolin is available for interviews.  She chronicled the story of how she brought Bancroft from the brink of bankruptcy to the large and thriving organization it is today in her book Too Important to Fail.  Please contact Rebecca Fuller, Director of Communications, at or 912-844-2278 for more information or go to our


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