Bancroft Rolls Out COVID-19 Vaccines to Staff

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Bancroft Rolls Out COVID-19 Vaccines to Staff

Bancroft Rolls Out COVID-19 Vaccines to Staff

Over the last few months, Bancroft has worked tirelessly to provide the COVID-19 vaccine through on-site clinics to its staff and those we serve. As of today, over 1,100 Bancroft staff and over 650 individuals served have received at least one dose of the vaccine!

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While the COVID-19 vaccine is not a requirement for employment at Bancroft, it is the most powerful tool we have to stop the spread. Not only will it protect each employee, but it will help protect their friends, family, colleagues, and most importantly the people entrusted to our care.

Jaime Alexander, a program manager in the Children’s Residential Program, shared her experience as someone who has recovered from COVID and received the vaccine: read her story!

Protecting staff and the individuals we serve is our top priority and Bancroft continues to provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), ensuring enhanced safety and protection.


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