IMPACT: Bancroft Employee Blog – Lori S.

a woman and her daughter both dressed in pink tops with brown hair hold each other and smile

IMPACT: Bancroft Employee Blog – Lori S.

IMPACT: Bancroft Employee Blog – Lori S.

I was helping my daughter get her pajamas on the other evening – struggling to get her to pay attention to me and not all her pretty pink hair clips on the dresser and I could feel myself get more irritated by the minute.

“Please pay attention Samantha, mommy is super tired and I want to go to bed too.”

With some further demands, she finally relented and we were quickly reading in bed.

But it happens, those moments when I can’t get my kids to “do what I need them to be doing” and I realize – this is nothing. Stop complaining.

You see working here at Bancroft has opened my mind to a different part of me. A more patient me. A more appreciative me.

I have the privilege to talk to families, moms specifically – often. But not just talk to them about their child, but talk to them about themselves. The moments when life just feels unfair – when there is no button they can turn off to Autism, when the frustration is 100 times the struggle of putting their pj’s on at night.

When I get frustrated at my children, and we all do, I remind myself that we all must find more patience in ourselves – for these mothers who I admire for the strength they often struggle to see themselves is helping me be a better mom as well.

And so the impact of working at Bancroft is resonating.


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